Wire Coil Tongs, Spool Tongs

Transport of spools and tied wire coils

Wire Coil Tongs
Force-fit gripping with load adapted gripper jaws. Generation of the clamping force mechanically with scissor mechanism by the dead weight of the load

Spool Tongs
Form-fit gripping with gripper jaws adapted to the spool edge-contour.

  • Connection to crane with hangers, crane hook suspensions, attachment points or slings
  • External or internal gripping
  • Type and shape depending on the load and the transport task:
    wire coil inner tongs, spool tongs for standing spools, wire coil outer tongs, spool tongs for lying spools
  • Gripping the load with two, or, in the case of wire coil inner tongs, also three concentrically arranged tongs arms
  • Opening and closing of the gripper arms mechanically with scissor mechanism
  • Automatic locking mechanism for semi-automatic operation → safe and time-saving closing and opening by raising and lowering the tongs
  • Adaptation to variable load heights with adjustable set-down tables
  • Manual operation
  • Time-saving, simultaneous transport of several loads when attaching several tongs to one lifting beam
  • Coil Tongs on Lifting Beam
  • Wire Coil Inner Tongs Lifting Beam
  • Wire Coil Inner Tongs Lifting Beam, Tongs with Funnel
  • Wire Coil Outer Tongs with w. adjusting table
  • Electromotive 5-fold Wire Coil Inner Tongs Lifting Beam
  • Horizontal Spool Tongs