Steel Industry

Solutions for the Steel Industry –

The Steel Industry is characterised by clearly increased production volumes despite international competition. The resulting high production cycles mean an extreme demand on hot operation.
The demands on load suspension equipment in their production lifecycle are changing accordingly. Therefore, steel industry companies are concentrating increasingly on solutions, which are precisely tailored to these extreme demands and guarantee cost-efficient manufacturing.
The slab tongs, block tongs, roller transport crossheads and coil hooks developed by us are efficient lifting equipment, which are developed and manufactured specifically for the steel industrie.

Your advantage: industry-specific know-how in advising, planning and manufacturing.

  • Alle
  • C-Hooks, Lifting Forks
  • Tilting Tables / Upender
  • Tongs, hydraulical
  • Tongs, electromotive
  • Tongs, mechanical
  • Rolls Transport Grabs and Tongs
  • Sheet Lifter / Plate Lifter
  • Coil Grabs / Coil Tongs
  • Coilifter / C-Hook
  • C-Hook / Coil Hook / Coil Lifter
  • Electromotive Coil Tilting Table / Upender
  • Electro-hydraulic Slab Tongs 63t
  • Hydraulic Double Slab Tongs with quadruple reeving
  • Lay-down Slab Tongs
  • Electromotive Slab Tongs with rope pulley support
  • Double Block Tongs
  • Double Billet Tongs 12t
  • Mechanical Block Tongs 12t
  • Vertical Coil Tongs
  • Lifting Tongs for Hot Operation
  • Electromotive Roll Mill Transport Grab
  • Tandem Roll Grab für Backup Rolls
  • Mill Roll Grab for Work Rolls
  • Backup Roll Transport Tongs
  • Plate Stack Lifter with Cable Pulley Suspension
  • Electromotive Sheet Stack Grab
  • Telescopic Sheet Stack Lifter
  • Electro-hydraulic Paralellogram Coil Grab
  • Electromotive Horizontal Coil Grab
  • Horizontal Coil Grab with Slewing Gear