Tongs, electromotive

Transport, turning, putting down and erecting of loads

  • Connection to crane with hangers, crane hook holders, attachment points, slinging devices or rope pulleys
  • Centre of gravity compensation by electromotive, via spindle or chain driven, hangers or crane hook suspensions
  • High flexibility of the crane due to coupling beam
  • Force-locking external gripping with one or two parallel gripping arm pairs
  • Generation of the clamping force by an electromotive spindle drive
  • Type and shape depending on the load and the transport task:
    slab/double slab tongs, Block/double block tongs
  • Picking up the load with load-specific gripping elements such as jaws, gripping tips, rosettes or friction linings.
  • Gripping tips and rosettes rotatable for putting down and erecting the load
  • Material protection by protective coverings
  • Turning of coils around the vertical axis with electromotive driven slewing gear
  • Smooth acceleration/deceleration by frequency converters
    Sensors for detecting the required clamping force
  • Optional sensors for load weighing, inclined slope, environment detection
  • contactor control, SPS or control integrated in crane control
  • Low maintenance due to automatic lubrication
  • Optical and acoustic signaling of operating states
  • Safety against unintentional opening by two-button operation
  • Own control elements (control panel, radio remote control) or crane control
  • Safe maintenance with maintenance platform or storage rack
  • Electromotive Double Slab Tongs
  • Electromotive Slab Tongs with rope pulley support
  • Electric-mechanical Double Slab Tongs 45t
  • Horizontal Electric Slab Tongs
  • Motor-driven Slab Tongs with Slewing Gear
  • Vertical Slab Tongs