Coil Grabs / Coil Tongs

Transport and turning of tied metal strip coils or similar shaped loads

Telescopic coil grab
Electromotive opening/closing of the gripper arms with roller chain drive or rack and pinion drive or hydraulic cylinder.

Parallelogram coil grab
Hydraulic opening/closing of the grab arms with scissor mechanism.

  • Connection to crane with hangers, crane hook suspensions, attachment points or rope pulleys
  • High flexibility of the crane due to coupling beam
  • Gripping of coils with horizontal axis from outside in the coil eye
  • Gripping of coils with vertical axis from inside through the coil eye
  • Combination external/internal gripping possible
  • Material-friendly and safe due to lateral contact bars and load sensors with safety-oriented control (opening under load impossible)
  • Material protection by protective coverings and insertion rollers
  • Simple operation and material protection by optoelectronic coil eye detection
  • Optional operation with high load temperature
  • Fixation of the outer layers of unbonded coils
  • Low maintenance due to automatic lubrication
  • Turning of coils around the vertical axis with electromotive driven slewing gearSmooth acceleration/deceleration by frequency converters
  • Optional sensors for load weighing, rotary position, inclined slope, environment detection
  • Optical and acoustic signaling of operating states
  • Contactor control, SPS or control integrated in crane control
  • Own control elements (control panel, radio remote control) or crane control
  • Safe maintenance with maintenance platform or storage rack
  • Telescopic Sheet Stack Lifter
  • Coil Grab HCT
  • Coil Grab with Pulley Suspension
  • Coil Tong
  • Electro-hydraulic Coil Grab
  • Electro-hydraulic Paralellogram Coil Grab
  • Electromotive Horizontal Coil Grab
  • Horizontal Coil Grab
  • Horizontal Coil Grab
  • Horizontal Coil Grab with Slewing Gear
  • Paralellogram Coil Grab
  • Vertical Coil Grab
  • Vertical Coil Tong