Aluminium Industry

Solutions for the Aluminium industry –

As in steel works, already increased production volumes increased
demands on the production process. Because of the low load-bearing capacities of the material thicknesses and greater construction volumes, special solutions had to be realised in this industrial sector. There are also partly sensitive surfaces on special products that must be protected accordingly.
Therefore, aluminium industry companies are increasingly concentrating on solutions, which are precisely tailored to these special demands and, e.g. using special overlays, guarantee efficient manufacture in the grab range of the lifting equipment. The slab tongs and coil tongs developed by us are lifting devices, which have been specifically developed and manufactured for the aluminium industry.

Your advantage: industry-specific know-how in advising, planning and manufacturing.

  • Alle
  • Tilting Tables / Upender
  • Tongs, hydraulical
  • Tongs, electromotive
  • Sheet Lifter / Plate Lifter
  • Coil Grabs / Coil Tongs
  • Tilting Table / Upender for Aluminium Blocks
  • Double Block Tongs, hydraulic
  • Electro-hydraulic Tongs with Rotating Jaws
  • Hydraulic Aluminium Tongs
  • Hydraulic Tongs for Pulling and Turning Slabs
  • Motor-driven Slab Tongs with Slewing Gear
  • Sheet Stack Lifter
  • Electromotive Sheet Stack Grab
  • Coil Grab with Pulley Suspension
  • Horizontal Coil Grab
  • Vertical Coil Grab