Wire Industry

Solutions for the Wire Industry –

Nothing is more constant than change. The demands on commercial properties are always changing. Therefore, companies in the construction industry concentrate on problem-oriented solutions, which are precisely oriented to the demands of modern architecture and cost-efficient manufacturing.
The strong growth potential in the construction industry over the last few years poses new, innovative challenges on production and logistics. Increasing production quantities require efficient lifting equipment, which is developed and produced specifically for structural steel meshes and wire coils.

Your advantage: industry-specific know-how in consultancy, planning and manufacturing.

  • Alle
  • C-Hooks, Lifting Forks
  • Turning Devices / Tilting Devices
  • Wire Coil Tongs, Spool Tongs
  • Reinforcement Steel Mesh Grabs
  • 3-arms C-Lifter for Transport of Wire Coils
  • Tilting Device / Turning Device 180°
  • Turning Device for Steel Coils
  • Coil Tongs on Lifting Beam
  • Wire Coil Inner Tongs Lifting Beam, Tongs with Funnel
  • Wire Coil Outer Tongs with w. adjusting table
  • Horizontal Spool Tongs
  • Electromotive Lifter for Steel Meshes
  • Mechanical Steel Mesh Lifting Grab
  • Mechanical Reinforcement Steel Mesh Outer Grab