C-Hooks, Lifting Forks

Transport, putting down and erecting of metal strip coils or similar shaped loads

Lifting forks
Transport of pallets, boxes, cage pallets and similar loads

  • Connection to crane with hangers, crane hook suspensions, attachment points, slinging devices or rope pulleys
  • Centre of gravity compensation without load by counterweights or spring balance
  • Centre of gravity compensation by electromotive, via spindle or chain driven, hangers or crane hook suspensions
  • Underneath gripping of the load with the lower arms of the C-hook or the lifting fork (so-called prongs)
  • Load-specific adapted prong shape
  • Securing of loads at risk of tipping over and slipping with stops at the prong tips, mechanical restraint devices or load locks
  • Coil upenders with tilting angle at the prong tip for putting down and erecting coils
  • Rotation of loads around the vertical axis by electromotive driven slewing gear
  • Smooth acceleration/deceleration by frequency converter
  • Manual operation or own control elements (control panel, radio remote control) or crane control
  • Material protection by protective coverings
  • Safe maintenance with maintenance platform or storage rack
  • 3-arms C-Lifter for Transport of Wire Coils
  • C-Hook with Counterweight
  • C-Hook / Coil Hook
  • Coilifter / C-Hook
  • C-Hook / Coil Hook / Coil Lifter
  • Coil-Hook with adjustable Suspension Lug
  • Lifting Fork with adjustabe suspension lug
  • Load Handling Fork / Forklift / Lifting Fork