Port / Harbor and Logistics

Solutions for Container Handling –

There have been standardised transport containers for al-most 100 years. Yet today‘s standard container comes from the 1950s. Today, the container has conquered the world and the amount of goods transported by container increases every year. Efficiency and speed of handling is becoming increasingly important in the transport and logistics market. These increased demands on lifting equipment require perfect solutions in container handling The specially developed spreaders, banking frames and container liftings beams are precisely tailored to the requested needs and guarantee fast turnaround of goods.

Your advantage: industry-specific know-how in advising, planning and manufacturing.

  • Alle
  • Lifting beams, electrical, mechanical
  • Container Spreader
  • Special Container Lifting Beam with adjustable Spreaders
  • Adapter Lifting Beam for a Pile Driver
  • Universal Spreader Beam as Spreader Attachment
  • Container Spreader with Quadruple Reeving
  • Overheight Frame for Flats – manually operated
  • Fixed Overheight Frame, manual locking