Container Spreader

Transport of containers and loads with container corners

  • Connection to crane with hangers, crane hook suspensions, attachment points, slinging devices or rope pulleys
  • High flexibility of the crane due to coupling beam
  • Centre of gravity compensation by electromotive, via spindle or chain driven, hangers or crane hook suspensions
  • Transport of all common ISO container sizes as well as loads and transport racks with container corners
  • Special sizes and adjustable spreaders possible
  • Picking up the containers with mechanical or electromotive locked twist locks
  • Automatic locking mechanism for semi-automatic operation → safe and time-saving closing and opening by raising and lowering the tongs
  • Fixed or space-saving retractable guide rails (Flipper)
  • Seawater resistant design possible
  • Rotation of loads around the vertical axis by electromotive driven slewing gear
  • Smooth acceleration/deceleration by frequency converters
  • Contactor control, SPS or control integrated in crane control
  • Gentle on material and safe through touchdown control with safety-oriented
    control (twistlocks cannot be opened under load)
  • Optional sensors for load weighing, inclined slope, environment and load detection
  • Optical and acoustic signaling of operating states
  • Own control elements (control panel, radio remote control) or crane control
  • Increased flexibility of flat racks, platforms or open top containers with Overheight frames
  • 20ft Container Spreader with slewing unit 30to
  • Adapter Spreader with Container Spreader
  • Container-Spreader for Cable Cars Operations
  • Container Spreader in a Warehouse
  • Container Spreader with Adapter Lifting Frame
  • Container Spreader with Quadruple Reeving
  • Container- Spreader with slewing gear
  • Overheight Frame for Flats – manually operated
  • Fixed Overheight Frame, manual locking