Repair and reconstruction

Even the most stable equipment is subject to wear and tear.  Therefore, the load handling devices must be checked and maintained regularly. For this purpose we have a well-trained service team that travels internationally to repair damage quickly so that you can continue working. Our mechanical workshop is able to produce important spare parts within 24 hours in special cases. With our own mechanical workshop, the welding department, the hydraulic and electrical department, we are able to carry out almost all repair tasks ourselves.

We would be pleased to provide you with a cost estimate for repairs, maintenance or conversions of your load handling equipment.

  • Repair of a C-Hook 20to with spring balance
  • Repair of a double block tong 16to
  • Repair of a double slab tong 14to
  • Repair of a board lift 1,5to
  • Repair of a spindle grab
  • Repair of a inner wire coil tong
  • Repair of a rail tong
  • Repair of a hook block tong