Solutions for the Automotive Industry –

Increasing automation in the automotive industry requires new solutions for lifting equipment. Our powerful tool grabs for compression moulds facilitate fast tool changing and safe transport of the mould to the storage location in the quickest possible time. When transporting oily boards the extremely smooth surface also imposes particular requirements on the grabbing solution. As a result, our NORDGREIF board grabs are equipped with a special hold-down device: This means the board stack is held together very firmly and secure transport is always guaranteed. The efficiency and speed in regular production processes also present increased demands. The specially developed tool grabs, board load forklifts and tool strippers are designed precisely for the needs of the automotive industry and guarantee smooth production.

The advantage to you: industry-specific know-how in advising, planning and manufacturing.

  • Alle
  • Die Lifter / Pressing Tool Tongs
  • Turning Devices / Tilting Devices
  • Sheet Lifter / Plate Lifter
  • Coil Grabs / Coil Tongs
  • Die Gripper
  • Die Lifter / Tool Grab for Transport
  • Die Lifter for Pressing Tools
  • Electromotive Engine Turning Device
  • Electromotive 180° Engine Block Turning Unit
  • Mobile Tool Turning Device
  • Turning Device for Stacks of Sheet Metal Plates
  • Electromotive Stamping Tool Grab
  • Sheet Stack Lifter for Truck loading /unloading
  • Heavy Duty Telescopic Sheet Stack Grab
  • Electro-hydraulic Coil Grab
  • Horizontal Coil Grab with Slewing Gear