Lifting beams, electrical, mechanical

Transport and turning of loads

  • Connection to crane with hangers, crane hook suspensions, attachment points, slinging devices or rope pulleys
  • High flexibility of the crane by coupling beam
  • Centre of gravity compensation by electromotive, via spindle or chain driven, hangers or crane hook suspensions
  • Attaching of the load with slings to hooks or attachment points of the lifting beam or directly pick up of the load with hooks.
  • Form fitting connections, such as screw or plug connections and twist locks are possible.
  • Type and shape depend on the load and the transport task:
    Lifting beams, Frame lifting beams, H-lifting beams, Adjustable lifting beams, Cross lifting beams, Long hook beams
  • Adaptation to variable load dimensions and centres of gravity with mechanical, electromotive or hydraulical operated adjustment devices
  • Material protection by protective coverings
  • Rotation of loads around the vertical axis by electromotive driven slewing gear
  • Smooth acceleration/deceleration by frequency converters
  • Optional sensors for load weighing, inclined slope, environment and load detection
  • Contactor control, SPS or control integrated in crane control
  • Low maintenance due to automatic lubrication
  • Optical and acoustic signaling of operating states
  • Own control elements (control panel, radio remote control) or crane control
  • Safe maintenance with maintenance platform or storage rack
  • Special Container Lifting Beam with adjustable Spreaders
  • Adapter Lifting Beam for a Pile Driver
  • Electromotive Adjustable Lifting Beam
  • Rescue Lifting Beam for Airport / Airplanes
  • Rigid Lifting Beam for Tambours
  • H-Lifting Beam for Transport of Marine Engines
  • Universal Spreader Beam as Spreader Attachment
  • Universal spreader beam, reeved by rope pulley