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Nordgreif Company - Germany For us everything revolves around lifting and transporting heavy loads. Nordgreif designs and produces customised special lifting equipment precisely in line with customers' needs. Tongs, grabs, crossheads and tilting fixtures with mechanical, electric or hydraulic drive are built at our headquarters in Hamburg.

Quality in single and serial production

Customer-oriented advice and individual planning is our particular strength. Through our years of experience we are able to deliver even the most complex custom solutions.

After a detailed analysis of the work process in lifting and the circumstances on-site, we will create a tailor-made concept for each individual lifting problem. Your safety is our top priority.

We think the unthinkable in advance and exclude any potential risks during the construction phase.

Ergonomic factors are also taken into account: The simpler the operation is, the clearer the control and more secure the work.

Technology and know-how - your advantage

Technology for the process, safety for people. Increasing time and cost pressure call for efficient operation.

Our load suspension equipment will help you to move your loads quickly and safely. The right tool saves valuable time!

Our devices are designed for long life, practicality and robustness. They can even withstand extreme loads for extended periods of time. We design and visualise our load suspension equipment on modern 3D CAD systems and perform static analysis using the FEM method.

All load suspension equipment are designed and documented in accordance with the safety regulations of BGR 500, DIN 15018 and DIN EN 13155. Welding is performed by certified welders in accordance with DIN 18800. All devices are shipped worldwide with extensive documentation, CE mark and inspection certificate.

About Nordgreif GmbH


Founding of Nordgreif Greiferbau und Hebetechnik GmbH

Founding of Nordgreif Greiferbau und Hebetechnik GmbH by Jan Höge and Rudolf Fantur.

The two managers bring more than 25 years of experience in the design and manufacture of load suspension equipment.

The first plant is no bigger than a double garage. But after 2 months of successful and rapid growth, the first hall on the present premises in Schenefeld is acquired. The headcount in construction and production grows from 2 to 6.


Due to the growing number of orders, the young company is moving to another building. This has larger areas for production and some office space. The headcount increased rapidly from 6 to 15


After co-founder and partner, Jan Höge quits the company, Rudolf Fantur is the sole owner of the company.

Special designs and custom productions of load suspension equipment become the central business of Nordgreif Greiferbau und Hebetechnik GmbH in all areas.


Through Ernst Rindt Maschinen GmbH (Nordgreif Rind GmbH), Nordgreif products are now offered and sold in 42 countries worldwide.

The now 10 year-old company continues to expand and has grown to 27 employees. Another adjacent hall will be rented for the production.


Carl Stahl GmbH, based in Süssen, buys Nordgreif Greiferbau und Hebetechnik GmbH.

Nordgreif Greiferbau und Hebetechnik GmbH is now Carl Stahl Nordgreif GmbH. Willy Schwenger, CEO of Carl Stahl GmbH, joins Rudolf Fantur as a second CEO.  Due to increasing needs of customers, the production hall and the offices are extended again.


Project engineer, Christian Timm joins the company. He runs the company together with Rudolf Fantur.


At the end of the year CEO and co-founder, Rudolf Fantur leaves the company. Acquisition of Nordgreif Rindt + WOKO Export GmbH (formerly Ernst Rindt Maschinen GmbH in Langenfeld) by the new Carl Stahl Nordgreif GmbH. The company's headquarters will be moved from Langenfeld to Schenefeld. Ernst Rindt leaves the Sales.


Besides Mr. Willy Schwenger, Mr. Christian Timm is CEO of Carl Stahl Nordgreif GmbH.


Expansion of the electrical workshop to a separate department with 2 employees.


Carl Stahl Nordgreif GmbH trains a structural engineer for the first time.

The headcount rises to 39, and the production facility is extended again. Extension of the existing firing machine to sheets of 2.5 x 5 m


Carl Stahl Nordgreif GmbH celebrates its 20th anniversary, and in particular, successful existence. Hiring of an additional project engineer and a marketing assistant.


International Sales is strengthened by appointment of one more person.


Renaming of Carl Stahl Nordgreif GmbH to Nordgreif GmbH


Appointing a technical field service assistant, who can receive, advise and clarify customer requests quickly and effectively on-site. SAP implementation, investment in IT and further expansion of sales.


Launch of the new website.

Extension of the construction by an additional employee.


Set up a full documentation department with a technical editor.

European Sales is strengthened by appointment of one more person.


Expansion of our workshop is a Senior Optical Engineer 
Planning of our new manufacturing site 

25th anniversary of Nordgreif



Expansion of our workshop to 2 additional steel worker


Planned move to the new company site


Nordgreif, your partner for technical Innovation and lead!



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