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Load Handling Devices (LHD) - Below the Hook

Load Handling Devices - Below the Hook - Nordgreif Safe, simple and fast work!

The use of load suspension equipment is essential at places where large quantities of loads are handled.

Load suspension equipment developed and manufactured by Nordgreif ensure maximum occupational safety when handling such loads. Workflows can be optimised, which means considerable savings in more ways than one.

Besides the sophisticated Nordgreif standard products, the focus is on the solution-oriented design, development and manufacture of special load handling devices.

More than 20 years of experience, expert advice and our own modern manufacturing complete our offer.

Special Constructions

Special Constructions - Nordgreif

The increasing level of automation in manufacturing necessitates multifunctional special solutions. A special challenge is the manipulation at several levels and about several axes.

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Lifting Beams

Lifting Beams - below the hook - Nordgreif

In the field of handling, we offer you an entire system of various lifting beams for optimum load handling. The vast bandwidth of loads in the various industries calls for special solutions.

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Coil-Hooks / C Hooks

Coil-Hooks - below the hook - Nordgreif

strong and durable, easy handling, Coil-Turning Hooks
Coil-Hooks,C-Hooks with spring center of gravity balance,with counterweight balance, with chain suspension

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Lifting Tongs

Lifting Tongs - below the hook - Nordgreif

Lifting Tongs for coils, spools, slabs, blocks, paper rolls, profils pipe, wood, rail and many more finihings.

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Lifting Grabs

Lifting Grabs - below the hook - Nordgreif

Lifting Grabs for coils, steel mesh, plates, sheets, tools, frames and many more types. After application mechanical, electromotive, with spindle or electrohydraulic.

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Structural Steel Mesh Grabs

Structural Steel Mesh Grabs - below the hook - Nordgreif

Simple handling, strong and durable. outside or inside grabbing, mechanical, electromotive or electrohydraulic,
as crane suspension, for forklifts.

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Plate Lifter / Sheet Lifter

Plate Lifter / Sheet Lifter - below the hook - Nordgreif

Simple handling, strong and durable. outside grabbing, mechanical, electromotive or electrohydraulic,
with/without slewing gear

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Turning Devices

Turning Devices - Nordgreif

Turning devices for turning large and heavy loads. Embodiment, for example as electro-hydraulic, electro-motive or mechanical turning device.

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Tilting Tables

Tilting Tables - Nordgreif

Tilting Tabels for coils, tools, plates, sheets after application electromotive or electrohydraulic. Angle tilting table, Heavy load tilting table, Tilt turning deviceesand more.

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Coil Grabs / Coil Tongs

Coil Grabs / Coil Tongs - below the hook - Nordgreif

Countless variations of horizontal Coilgrabs / Coiltongs eifern with a variety of possible additional fittings. Horizontal Coil Tong, Telescopic Coil Tong , Parallelogram Coil Tong and more..

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Container Spreader / Overheight Frames

Container Spreader - below the hook - Nordgreif

Container Spreader with or without slewing - mechanical, electromotive or electro-hydraulically depending on coustomer requirements.

Overheight Frames according to customer specifications.

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Press Tool Tongs

Press Tool Tongs - below the hook - Nordgreif

Press tool tongs for transporting dies / mold in press shops. Depending on coustomer requirements and can be used universally.


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Forklifts / Crossheads

Forklifts - below the hook - Nordgreif

Forklifts / Crossheads with counterweight or springbalance, adjustable prongs, storage and retrieval device PCB loading forks and more.

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Roller Transport Tongs /
Roller Transport Grabs

Rollers Transport Tongs - below the hook - Nordgreif

Roller Transport Tongs / Roller Transport Grabs for single or paired transport of labor rollers or supporting rollers. Depending on the application mechanical, electromotive or electro-hydraulic.

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Load Handling Device Catalog
Load Handling Device Catalog - Nordgreif
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